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The Engine & Transmission Experts in Sioux Falls, SD

When they require engine or transmission repair, Sioux Falls area drivers count on Arrowhead Automotive to do the necessary work to get them back out on the road in a flash and at a price they can afford. If you notice rough shifting, loud knocking, or leaking oil or transmission fluid, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to get your vehicle inspected.

Don’t Ignore That Check Engine Light!

It’s important to never ignore your auto’s check engine light. While a parts store may be able to analyze what’s going on and give you their best guess, they can just as easily misdiagnose the issue, which could lead to major repair bills down the road. We’ll find the true source of the problem and fix only what needs fixing. After servicing hundreds of engines and transmissions in our careers, we’re the true inspections, maintenance, rebuild, and repair experts in Sioux Falls!  With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and repair procedures, we can offer you a quick, no-obligation estimate on the cost of repairing your engine or transmission.

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Arrowhead Automotive services and repairs all foreign or domestic late model computer-controlled vehicles. We perform oil changes and tune-ups, repair manual or automatic transmissions, differentials, driveshafts, CV shafts, clutches, transfer cases, and more. When you’re looking for engine or transmission service and repair in the Sioux Falls area, contact Arrowhead Automotive!