Our devotion to advanced automotive technology pays off huge for us and for you

Computer Diagnostics

We’re not like most auto repair shops. We’re what you might call “tech nerds”. We pride ourselves on maintaining a forward-thinking culture of learning in our shop and make a habit of using the latest and greatest technological tools and systems. That means you get the absolute best car or truck service anywhere. And it all starts with an advanced, comprehensive computer auto diagnostic.

When You Bring your Vehicle in Because of…

Rough Idling

Check Engine Light

Poor Fuel Economy

Acceleration Issues


Ignition Problems

Unusual Behavior & Performance

Any Issues You Suspet

What We’ll Do

The first thing we’ll do is listen to you describe the problem. Next, we’ll hook your car or truck to our advanced computer diagnostic system and execute a complete, comprehensive automotive troubleshooting analysis.

Automobiles, trucks and jeeps built in the last twenty-five years depend on computer systems. And while the computerized components make your vehicle’s system run better and more efficiently, it also makes diagnosing problems and issues much harder for the average person.

We understand that your top priority is getting your car or truck back on the road running at peak performance. We also understand that many of you want to know exactly what’s wrong and why and how to prevent it in the future.

So every comprehensive diagnostic we run results in a detailed print out of exactly what’s wrong, how much it will cost to fix it and any notes our advanced automotive technicians come up with.

Up To Date Technology

Every year automotive manufacturers come out with thousands of codes for both old and new vehicle makes and models. A lot of automotive repair shops don’t keep their computer systems up to date with this new information. But we do.

And what about old fashioned know how? We have that too. We couple the most experienced automotive repair technicians and mechanics with the most advanced computer diagnostic systems, giving you the best of both worlds.

To get you and your vehicle back on the road, running in top condition is priority number one. And we’ll use every advantage we can for your benefit.